Going to see a movie with her. Ask about dinner too?

I'm supposed to call her later to sure up the details, but I'm wondering if I should change up our original plans and ask her if she'd be interested in grabbing something to eat as well before the movie starts.

To be honest though, I'm not entirely sure if this is a casual outgoing between friends, or if she's interested in something more, that's why I thought I'd get some different opinions. We're comfortable around one another, I really like her, and she's been quite flirty with me. I've known her for about two months now, and she's always saying how she doesn't get out that much. So I figure it would be a win-win situation to treat her to dinner, wouldn't it?

Personally, I'd like to take her to the dinner beforehand, get to know her a bit more in a private setting, and spend some more quality time with her as just seeing a movie can be a little bland. But at the same time I'm a little hesitant to ask just in case she declines.

Should I just play it safe, and stick with the original plan to go ahead and see the movie together? Or, should I take it a step further and change the plans to accommodate a dinner date?

  • Stick with the original 'plan', and just see the movie.
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  • Take her to dinner, and then go see the movie.
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What Girls Said 1

  • I think dinner and movie. You'd get to know her better. Movies are good but no much talking


What Guys Said 1

  • surprise her by doing both!