I accidentally sent a text to my boyfriend and he snapped at me and hasn't talked to me since...

I send a text to my boyfriend last night that was meant for someone else, it simply said "nvm, good night" and I sent it after I told him I was hanging out with friends and he replied with "hey I'm busy I can't always reply right away" because he must have thought I was texting him too much I guess.

then I said, "f***, that wasn't meant for you, I'm sorry"

he hasn't said anything to me since, it's been 24 hours, should I be worried?

things are good. he's just really busy. he and I will have a talk and I'll let him know that the next time work is piling up, let me know ahead of time so I don't feel like I've done something wrong.


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  • If you think he is not busy (like if he was at work earlier and now he isn't) drop him another text asking him instead of asking here. Maybe he replied that way because he was stressed...you might want to check up on him.

    • I'm just afraid of annoying him :S this whole thing happened after he cancelled a date due to work. I don't want to bother him but at the same time, I'm worried he doesn't like me anymore :(

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    • Don't text, call him up! But don't do it now. Do it tomorrow morning.

    • @update: Glad to hear that! Yes, do work out a system to avoid future misunderstandings.

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  • Well, the precursor to that statement: "f***" implies something of grave nature...as if not only was it an accident, but something I was not supposed to see. I wouldn't like that, I'm sure you wouldn't as well. But it's nothing I would ignore you for. I'm an over analyzer though, my brain can't help but to extract any and all information from any and all events, it's just the way I am. If you're boyfriend is the same way, chances are that's the way he took the accidental text. I would simply tell him it was no big deal, and it was just an expression you used. It's a pretty stupid thing to be in a quarrel for, so just offer to show him the conversation it was meant for. That shouldn't be a be deal, if you've nothing to hide. I guarantee that will fix it.


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