Has anyone here ever had an experience with a male narcissist/sociopath?

I found out after a relationship ended, by accident when I ended up dating a guy who happen to work with this guy that I was involved with at a previous job. Now, running into this guy was all by accident. Turns out, this guy I was involved with is heavily into drugs, LSD, jimson weed, opiates. I found all this out from this guy who use to work with him, and he also told me horrible things that he and another coworker use to do to women. Nothing good.

Anyway, I sent this guy a text message and a couple of emails, stating that I didn't need a response back from him, but that I finally knew the truth, what I found out, everything. Again, asking for him not to contact me. Before I sent it, I spoke with a friend of mine in the police dept. and he advised me that he could come after me. I sent the text message and email anyway.

Well, 5 days later, he did go to the police, filed a complaint, lied to the officer and told them I had sent him hundreds of messages. (totally false) and that I was stalking and harassing him. (again, totally untrue). In the text message I did send him, I told him that I knew about all the lied he told me, that he was into drugs and again, lied to me about that, and that I wanted him to know that I knew what the truth really was. Ok....fast forward...its been a year now.

I have not seen or spoken to this guy since then. I have now a wonderful, fabulous boyfriend, who means everything to me.

But, I am still haunted by what happened to me. Sometimes I panic when I go to the mall. (me and this guy live 5 minutes from each other). I even switched tanning salons so that I no longer have to worry about running into him. But, I still think about it.

My family says its because it was such a wacky, weird thing that happened. Others say that I was involved with a sociopath/narcissist. My question is this....Has anyone here ever had an experience with a male narcissist/sociopath and if so, what behavior did he do to put out red flags for you? Also, about the LSD and jimson weed I was informed he was/is into, person? Side effects?

Is that why he lives in a fantasy world because he is on drugs?

I no nobody who has knowledge in LSD use and what happens to a person who uses for many years. Thanks for taking the time to read my long post...:)


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  • "Is that why he lives in a fantasy world because he is on drugs?"

    You nailed it. Do you remember when you were drunk and decided to call all your friends and tell them you love them. Then soon after crying for no reason?

    Imagine doing things like that 24/7.


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  • If you look up narcissistic personality disorder, you will find the characteristics of a person and see if they fit them.

    Some men I've met who I think have such characteristics come off as having a "flat affect" to life. Nothing pleases them nor really irritates them. It's like their "numb".

    However, in your case, when you were trying to protect yourself, he goes out of his way to protect himSELF at the expense of you, lying to police and probably lying to himself to convince himself that what he is telling them is the truth.

    That's the main thing, they can never admit their wrong or that they have some shortcomings.

    They also show no empathy for other human beings, animals, etc. .

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