All the girls worth dating in my classes are taken?

All the chicks I've seen in my classes that are worth dating are married! What's with this strange coincidence? I thought college was supposed to be easier in getting chicks? The ones that aren't taken are either not very attractive, or anti-social, hanging out in the corners, scribbling illegible text on loose leaf, with scowls on their faves. What gives?

Scowls on their faces*


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  • The girls in your class aren't the only girls left on earth. The good ones go fast.. Just wait an hour.. and half of the girls in your class will be looking for boy friends!


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  • Well you think you're some Ammonite God with that retarded profile of yours. I am assuming that they probably don't want to hang out with you because you're so interested in discussing propitiatory child sacrifice on dates, which in turn scares them away. Try being NORMAL.

    • Nice profile pic too. I'm sure you've got women lining up to be with you.

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    • Fine. I've heard a couple people have problems with the ginsberg poem, I'll take it down. Now where's my e-hug.

    • *e-hug*