Should I go out with that guy?

I've known a guy over the internet a year and half ago, and we went out (not dates but like hang outs) he is really nice and actually my mum likes him a lot, I had had a crush for him for ages, but I never told him because he never seemed to be interested in nothing more than friendship, it got me really down and I couldn't date anyone else either, in January I sent him a message telling him all what I've been hiding ! and he was like girl I really loved you too but I thought we weren't interested, .. etc on that SAME day at night I knew he got into a relationship from Facebook ! and then I was like now what the hell ! I started being very aggressive with him and I would take to him in a very bad manner, then we frankly talked and I told him why I was upset, he said that he didn't mean it to go that way and that this relationship have had started before I sent him that message and he couldn't dump her because he really liked his new girlfriend, I started to ignore his messages and calls and all afterward because I was deeply hurt, but a week ago I got a text from him and I answered casually and then he called, since that day we've been talking daily ! and I knew he broke up and yesterday he said he wanted us to go out for a date next Thursday but I told him I won't be available on Thursday so he said let it be on Saturday then and he's waiting my answer should I go for it ? or is he a player ?!


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  • Go for it! Just have a good time and see if you guys hit it off! And if you go out and it doesn't work then so what! Just go back to being friends. And dating other girls doesn't make him a player. They broke up and now he's giving you a chance! :)


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