My boyfriend lives in South America, I live in the United States and we met online.

we have been together for almost a year now, we are waiting to find the right time to meet up. Although he has a Facebook as do I and he put that we are in a relationship and is visible to his friends but all his fb friends are girls that he met chatting on the website that we met and he doesn't talk to any of them but it bothers me that all his friends are girls would any of you who are in my situation feel this way? I have both girls and boys in my fb account. My boyfriend and I we do chat on the phone and video chat , talk just about everyday.


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  • Step back from this situation and analyze it. You live on different continents, keep that in perspective. Secondly, he only has females on his Facebook account, all from a website... How do you know he doesn't talk to anyone else. I don't want to startle you or say for sure that he is dishonest, but don't take things for fact that you don't know. Often a gut instinct or a feeling of discomfort signal there are larger problems that you're willing to admit to yourself.