Did he text me as a last resort?

2 weeks ago I had a drunken-hooked up with a guy at a party.

keeping seeing him and he'd compliment my shoes and gave me a ride to work.

last night we decided to meet up so he could give me back back a shirt but he left me to go talk to a friend.

a couple hours later I get a text asking what I'm up to (this is 4 am.) to which I replied going to sleep cause I have work. he then asks if I want to go to his house and 'his big ol' bed' and be 'cuddle buddies'- that he can pick me up right now and take me to work tomorrow.

of course I didn't go, but did he only text me because he couldn't find someone else at a party? and in this context he means sex buddy instead of cuddle buddy right?



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  • That, my friend, was a booty call. Yes, he meant sex buddy. I don't know if he definitely couldn't get anyone else, but the fact of the matter is he wanted you because he was horny and wanted sex. At least this means he enjoyed last time! It's a compliment of sorts.