What are some good questions to ask when getting to know someone though online dating?

I already know everything I need to know about what he is looking for as far as what type of relationship. I need some good get-to-know-you questions. Help please!


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  • Just collect the full name and social security number, then you can do a background check.

    • Yeah, I know that much. I just want to know about how to get to know someone as a person. Like their personality.

    • I met the woman I'm going out with now through a dating site (Plenty of Fish). We've been going out for three years now and we're engaged. Before we actually dated, we corresponded daily for two months. By the time we met, we were already good friends at the very least. Just talk about life; about where you come from, where you're hoping to go, your favorite authors, movies, issues of faith, siblings lives, current events...

    • I am glad to hear that you waited a few months to meet. The soonest we will be able to meet is a few months from now.

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