Obsessed with wanting to know what it's like to meet "the one..."

Sometimes I just find myself obsessing over if I've actually ever met "the one" and not know it. The thing is, I have a friend whom I've always been nervous around, someone who I could sit and listen to for hours, but too nervous to say anything. GUYS-usually when I ever say anything to him he laughs and gets a great big smile on...so maybe he's in the same boat as me and doesn't know how to respond?

...anyways I have such a great time with him. We used to go to the same university last semester and then w/o telling me he transferred! HE DIDN'T TELL ME >_<. I wondered why but I never said anything to him, until it was my birthday and he wrote on my wall and I asked him and he explained but he said we should chill soon. I definitely agreed to that because I miss him. We used to chill everyday, get coffee, smoke, take long walks and talk and sometimes long rides, he was always texting me during class and would wait for me. I never realized how much I enjoyed his company until it was no longer there. He's a guy who never ignores me, and if he can't hang out then it's fine with me I understand..

There was even this one instance where we had spoken about riding up to the nearest big mall in the city to get our laptops fixed and I was pumped when that day came, but when it came he met me in the library and then said alright well I'm gonna head off to the city and I just said "okay"...he even gave me a look that he wanted me to come but I wanted him to say "will you come with me?" gahhh I know I'm so stupid. BUt does it seem as if he's interested in me? how do I tell? he'd always comment on my photos saying "modelsque" or "i like it" in german *(since I'm 1/2 swedish 1/2 german)...help?


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  • Yes he's the one

    U hve awl the symptons of the incureable and the deadliest desease known to mankind i.e love


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