"Text me or call me" vs "I will text or call you" is there a difference?

I went out on a date with a guy I have been texting and talking on the phone to for the last few days. The date was short, about an hour (we went bowling) and towards the end of the date he checked his phone a few times so I am assuming he probably had something else to do. When we walked out he gave me a hug and told me to text or call him sometime. Normally the guy always says that he will text or call so I'm not sure how to take that. So what's the difference? And how long should I wait?


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  • Yes there is a difference, "I will call or text you" basically means "I want to go out with you again!" as long as its sincere, although if its more than 4-5 days and he hasn't called, its more like "I want this to end, and I'm not calling you."

    "Text me or call me" is more like, "Tonight was OK, and I'm not that bothered about whether we go out again or not, it's your choice."

    I read one of the previous comments about how he was new to the dating thing, and he probably just doesn't want to make you feel pressured into going out with him again, and is content for you to take the more dominant role in where the relationship goes from here.


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  • Honetly? You shouldn't wait, as in he is not interested. Let's take a look at this: he was an hour late... to bowling. Kept checking his phone, and then asked YOU to call/text HIM.

    Now, let's take this into details.

    He was late... shall I say more? Unless he had a pretty good excuse why he was an hour late, then I don't know just plain fishy to me.

    Kept checking his phone means he's bored or trying to ignore you. Why would he even check his phone if he wasn't waiting for something/ someone?

    And lastly, if he thinks you're worth of his "precious" time, he should be the one counting down the days when to text and call you.

    BUT I actually may be wrong. I am not trying to bring you down, or change your feelings for him, but c'mon we both know you deserve a guy who arrives half an hour early eager to meet you on your date, not check his phone and pay attention to you, and say "I'll text [or] call you" before you leave each other.

    • Um, he wasn't late...I said the date was short, about an hour...and he texted me not long after I posted the question. He acts like he doesn't know what to do or how to date or something, its strange.

    • i agree but funny thing apparently, when they say they'll call is a sign there not interested either :p