Does he like me or not from this text? did it freak him out?

here is this boy at school who I think likes me cause he always watches me and stares at me and everybody tells me he does. So today I text-ed him and I said hi and he said who is this and I said my name and he said wow and then 20 min. later he texted back and said how do you people keep getting my number and I said the same thing happens to me its just friends and people then he said wow so does he like me or what did I freak him out


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  • sorry chicka but I don't think he likes you plus he seems rude.. forget him and find a nice guy!

    • Rude? She stalked him to get his number.

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    • Still, his number is getting passed around against his will and people are contacting him apparently. I'd be irritated about that too.

      Plus, is that just what she told him or is it actually true?

    • I did not stock him

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  • So, wait, to clarify: you text him first and he responded and asked how you got his number?

    For background information: has he spoken to you before (if so, how much) and what else happened in the conversation?

    • we both like each other and we know it cause we always stare at each other in school and stuff like that well I text ed him first and I said hi. then he said who is this. I said Brianna then he said wow. 20 min. later. Hows you people keep getting m number? I said same thing happens to me its just friends people. then he said wow. that was the conversation

    • I'm sorry, but like the other girls said, it doesn't seem like he likes you. Someone staring at you doesn't mean he likes you :( Maybe just move on. He has your number now, if he's interested he'll text.

  • I think he didn't want you to have his number, sorry :( just ignore him

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