Should I ask this guy what's going on?

I met a guy at the beginning of the month at a buck and doe(stag and doe whatever you want to call it) so we hit it off and ended up exchanging Facebook stuff cause he doesn't have a phone... Anyways we messages each other constantly and the following week he invited me to another buck and doe and again we had a great time the next week was just messaging as our schedules were to busy to meet up. The following week I ended up going to his house and watching movies am whatever. My problem is now I haven't heard from this guy since Wednesday(when I went over) did hear from him Thursday but said like 2 things... Like technically he didn't reply Friday and Saturday of last weekend as well but I feel as though if he was interested he would be talking like I sent a message Friday saying how I had a great time Wednesday but no reply... Like should I ask this guy what's going on or just leave it and see what happens... It's very annoying...


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  • I would suggest giving it time. If you don't want to go with that approach, you can still message him but don't mention how Wednesday was great, just say hi. I would say go with the first approach because if you are constantly sending messages you might come off as clingy. That's all the advice I can come up with, hope it helps!

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