Is this too good to be true?

I met this guy on a play that we were both doing (he the actor and I the stage manager) and he was very flirtatious. I proceeded to get a massive crush on him, and we openly flirted with each other.

However, when I tried to move it outside the play (after it was over), he seemed very disinterested in continuing the conversations or communicating back with me.

Last night was the wrap party that all the actors and actresses and tech people went to. After everyone had left, we laid on his bed and had a really interesting conversation about his parents and mine, and his insecurities and mine. I then asked him if he really liked me, to which he replied that he did. He also explained that the reason that he hadn't been communicating back with me is because he was incredibly busy and then showed me all his other friends he had not communicated back.

After awhile, he turned the light off and we were both in his bed and we started fooling around. I made him promise that we would not have sex until he had taken me on a date, to which he agreed. After more fooling around, I started to take it further and he refused to have sex because of the promise he made. He also promised that he would call me and that he would take me out on a date.

Does this seem too good to be true? Am I just totally crazy to think that he actually likes me and that he wants something more than sex?


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  • its too early to tell. he could be playing the role of the god guy "no lets not have sex yet". I find it weird that he didn't communicate with yu till now, maybe he opned up then just to get something from you. then again; he could be telling truth and wudnt wanna take you out and stuff if he didnt. I guess you shud go out on a lot of dates and get to know him. do not sleep with him soon I'm telling you. that's how you'll know

  • I don't think you should be so easy.

    He might use the date as a reason to get in your pants and disappear.

    It is hard to tell if he really likes you.

    There only way you can find out is if you don't put yourself up for the grabbing.

    Continue to date him and go out with him.

    Feel him out.