Is there anything I could do to recover from my stupid move?

Hey guys (and girls),

This is gonna be a long story...

I need your opinion on something. Over a month ago I kissed a good friend who I've been attracted to for a very long time. He kissed me back, and afterward texted me almost every day. I never tried to get in touch with him, cause I didn't want to come across as clingy or needy. So a month went by and he stopped texting me for a while. When he was back in town I received a text if I wanted to come with him to this jazz club.

The evening was just fine, we had a lovely time and he kissed me.. A lot. I was surprised (but also relieved) he didn't even ask to come home with me, or whatever. I though it was a fantastic evening. When he kissed me goodbye he said: 'see you soon' and we parted ways. He seemed very into me and very sweet.

Well that's been over a week ago and I haven't heard from him and he is not trying to contact me at all. So after 4 days I texted him (just casual) how he had been, but got a response back a day later. So I left it like that for three days, but decided to tell him I think he's great. So I texted him: Hey, I think you're great. But I never got a response to that. Well of course I know that's not a good sign. So the question isn't: is he into me, cause lets face it: I f*cked it up somewhere in the time that's gone by, but what could have caused it to end up like this? And what the hell is up with him?! After that second kiss, that he initiated, I thought he was really into me. You just don't 'accidentally' kiss a second time...

Is there anything I could do to recover from my stupid move, truth is: I really like this guy.

No one with an answer for me? :(


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  • That's really puzzling. Is there anything you said after the kiss could have been construed as offensive?

    • Yeah, I thought of it too, but I didn't say anything after the 'see you soon'

      So that's not it. It's confusing! Damn you boys ;)

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