My affection for her came back?

Hey there.ladies and guys; currently I'm in a pickle.

Just recently the girl whom I told that I love her dearly.starts dating another guy.. long story short.she.said she doesn't want any relationships but goes and does that. What ever right? Anyway, we just got over a fight and are friends again but my love for her has grown on me again... what do I do..

I asked this to my friend and she said "True love is something that you need to wait until the perfect moment for".

So what should I do? My feelings for her I can't seem to fully control, she just seems perfect to me.



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  • Sorry to burst your bubble, but she's not perfect. Telling someone you don't want a relationship and then go on and date some other guy/girl? Just an easy let-down.

    If she was so perfect she'd: A: start a relationship with you (if she loves you, part of the perfectness) or B: tell you she doesn't want a relationship with you and just wants to be friends.

    But she didn't.

    It seems kinda childish but what helps me over a crush/love/whatevs: listing all the bad things about that person, thinking about how your relationship would be if you had one (and be realistic, not the image of her making you waffles every Sunday). Imagine how she makes you feel and acknowledge that you deserve someone who's honest with you.

    Another good thing is to lose contact for a while. I'm not saying you should, I'm just saying it could help to forget the feelings for that person.

    If she's truly your dreamgirl and meant for you, she'll come round ;)

    But if she doesn't, then you and her aren't meant to be together.

  • your friend is right. forget her dude she doesn't deserve you


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