Are you more likely to fancy someone who flirts with you?

For example, if you went to a party, are you more likely to fancy the person that flirts with you than someone who doesn't?

  • Yes, because I'm turned on by flirting.
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  • Yes, because I go for people who I know like me.
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  • Yes, because I am more likely to notice them if they're flirty.
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  • No, I would fancy someone regardless of whether they flirted with me.
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  • No, in fact I'd be less likely to fancy someone who flirted with me.
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  • Not necessarily. I was at a place last weekend where two guys were trying to flirt with me rather aggressively, one was doing rounds (flirting with different girls throughout the evening), and another who was sort of just hanging out next to me the entire evening.

    Between the four guys, I didn't really care for either of the really aggressive guys or the one who was cocky enough to think he'd get away with doing rounds till he found someone... (P.S.: Guy 3 went home alone.) I liked the nice guy who hung out with me for the entire evening. He was sort of easy going and didn't chat much, but did ask a few basic questions (and helped get one of the really aggressive guys off me at some point).

    I wouldn't call what he was doing "flirting" exactly, but I guess the show of genuine interest and that protective move (helping the damsel in distress) were very touching.


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