Will he see this as a date?

I plan on asking this guy to come over & watch a movie with me on Friday. Will he see this as a date or as me asking him to hang out?

As a preface, we've never hung out outside of a work setting (For him, and kind of for me) before. So, if he says yes, will that read "date" or "hangout"?

If it reads "hangout" how can I be sure it reads "date?"


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  • I wouldn't really label it like that, I would go and follow your lead if I was in his position. I would probably label it after the date depending on how you acted, if you acted flirty or romantic, I would label it a date. If you acted friendly and nice, I would label it as a "hangout".

    You could eat together after the film (it's better to eat after so that you have something to talk about if the conversation goes dry), and invite him to "food and wine" instead of just a movie. That's at least one idea, you could also just ask him and say date instead of "hangout"..


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