How do I best help myself get things to change?

I failed miserably trying to date while in high school and now college is ending for me in a couple of months and in all likelihood nothing will change in that time. I've gotten to the point though in my life that I realize that I need to approach this issue from a whole different perspective.

So as I prepare to enter a new environment (grad school in my case) I was wondering if anyone had any tips on maybe something that worked for them when trying to open up and meet more people especially of the opposite gender.

I know that in general I need to be more assertive about meeting girls and try to connect with them on more than just a casual acquaintance basis, but this is really unfamiliar for me. If I'm ever going to date, I need to at least know these girls more than what I have been doing. Any tips or suggestions? Things not to do? Things that worked for you?

Help a clueless guy out :D


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  • yea I know how you feel I'm in the same boat however I'm a girl advice would be to just try and be some girls friend...just friend or be a few girls' friend and get to know them more and go from there. another might be just getting a job working a few hours a week if you don't have one already, ud meet more people and if you hang out with some coworkers you might get to meet their friends and so on.

    good luck!


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  • Online dating sites. Speed dating sessions. Dance lessons. With dance lessons there may only be 3 guys in a group of 30 young ladies. They make you change partners every 3 just think how many girls you could be meeting just in a one hr dance class!