Guys:When you are out with your friends...

Do you prefer your girlfriend not to text you?

Do you think about her when you are out?

I love my boyfriend and I know he loves me, but when he is out and he doesn't text as often, its probably because he is doing other things and I'm not on his mind. right?


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  • Well when you're with your friends, you're usually too busy talking or whatever to text, right? Or at least not as often. That's kind of the same way I feel, I prefer to just forget about my phone (not her) for a while instead of being latched onto it and trying to multitask.

    I don't mind if she texts me, though. I even text her occasionally because I do think of her, especially when something funny happens or someone is being annoying and I want to share it with her, haha.

  • 1)It depends on how long I was gone. If I tell her beforehand that I was hanging out with friends, she should give a little time unless it's important and not "So, what are you doing?"

    2) I guess sometimes she'll come to mind.

    3) You're right.


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