Should I wait for his text or text him...?

okay, I will try to make this quick and leave out unimportant deatils

i like this guy, he has told me many times he likes me alot. when we were supposed to go on a date he stood me up.. the next day he texted me saying sorry his phone died ..gave me excuses.. (sunday last weekk) then we didn't talk till friday.. he called me asking me if I wanted to hang out.. I couldn't he said maybe tomorrow. I told him I was hanging out with our other friend.. he said maybe we'll meet up. that day he told my friend he couldnt.. when I texted him I was like you still wanna hang out or naa? and he's like I do but I kinda just wanted to see you... this happend a few days ago.. I haven't talked to him since then.. we used to talk everyday...

soo I don't know if I should wait for him to text me.. I was thinking if he doesn't text me by wed I will be hey.. how come we never talk anymore :( or something...

i normally wouldn't be so like omgg talk to me.. but the thing is I was supposed to ask him to my prom.. and I need to ask soon because prom is coming up sooonn...

any ideas..

sorry if I doesn't make too much sense..


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  • LMAO! ok you should just let him know that you would love to see him. so you should send him a text and be like hey, what's up? how are you? what's new? that way you don't seem like you're chasing him around. depending on his answer you should then process to the next step. hang out go for coffee then ask him if he has any plans for prom. It would be fun since you 2 get along great to go together. see how that goes and let me know! :)

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