Two other girls are interested in him, what should I do?

I've recently became best friends with my one guy friend, we went to the beach with a group and basically did our own thing and it was pretty much like it was only us and on the car ride back, we talked about some pretty personal things that neither of us had ever shared with someone before. We've been texting everyday, we see each other everyday, we hug and tease each other everyday. Yesterday there was a birthday party and about 5 girls were on him grinding and such and it didn't bother me at all because he always seemed to end up by me one way or another throughout the night. On the car ride home he was tickling me and just kept looking at me, I didn't know why. When we were in front of his house he tickled me some more so I grabbed his hands and he said it'd be awkward if his parents walked out and I said it wasn't like my face was next to his so then he moved it next to mine and I moved mine then he put our heads together and our noses and backed off right after (I knew he wouldn't kiss me because he said he goes REALLY slow in relationships and I saw that with his last ex). Then I got out to give him a hug and he hugged me a few times. I'm pretty sure I like him, but his ex girlfriend (my bff) and her bff both really really really like him (I think its more the muscles than it is him though haha). Should I back off?


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  • Yes, you don't go for your BFFs ex.

    • Even if she previously went for mine?

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