Is it too aggressive for a girl to invite a guy to prom AND after prom?

I invited this guy friend outside of my school to attend my prom with me. He said yes and seemed genuinely content to go. Then, I also offered him the choice of going to the after prom nightclub party.

Do you think that was to aggressive? I mean, we aren't dating or anything and I'm not trying to make him my boyfriend. We're just friends that used to kind of have a spark going, but it's mostly friendly now.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Not too aggressive, the after party is the real fun, as long as he knows you're not looking to sleep with him (because that's probably what he's thinking)


What Girls Said 1

  • Honey aggressive is not what you have to worry about, does he understand that fact that your just going friends? Seriously the only think worst than being rejected is being rejected after being led on. Just make sure he gets what's going on.

    P.s. guys dig being asked out. Definitely not aggressive, more seems like you know what you want! :)

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