Girls, what makes a bad date?

A pretty simple straight forward question I would think. So tell me what is it that makes a date go from good to a disaster.


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  • I'm assuming you are talking about a first date. I have only ever had one first date that was so horrible I never wanted to talk to him ever again. What killed it? His arrogance. Holy crap what this guy full of himself. He couldn't stop talking about how rich his family is and how many different homes they have and how he's going to be a senator and bla bla bla. On top of being conceited, he looked down upon others (I suppose to a certain extent they go hand in hand). We saw a couple walking that had a child with them. They were not very well dressed or good looking people and her teeth were not well taken care of. So what, right? To each their own . . . Not for him, he made a sound of disgust, and whispered to me, "some people just shouldn't breed". I thought to myself, yea, and you're one of them. What a jerk. Apparently I wasn't good enough for him either, because he never called again. Not that I cared!

    • Oh yea, and don't go to a movie or anything else where it isn't appropriate to talk! Also, I guess if you offer to take her out to dinner or whatever, unless paying arrangments are made when the date is set up, you should pay. I would always bring money just in case, but it would have been awkward to be at the end of dinner and him say, uh so are you paying for yours? The girl should pay sometimes but he's going to look like a tool doing that, lol.

    • It's funny! lol

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  • From previous experiences, a guy who is rude or has bad breath will utlimately kill it (for me). A guy who criticizes my choice of clothing. A guy who constantly talks non-stop about himself annoys me. A guy who thinks EVERY girl wants him. And f everything he does or talks about is sex-related will make me think, "he just want one thing". A guy who thinks going to his house or hanging out at my house is a date.

  • When a guy doesn't understand what "No" means. I had one date that kept on inviting me back his apartment even though I told him "no" a few hours before when he had asked me earlier. I thought that was really troubling. I told him I never wanted to speak to him again.

  • For me it would have to be if he went on a tangent subject of describing his sexual past including how many girls he cheated with orif he was a total wack job

  • Being rude to the waiter/waitress.

    Talking too much or too less.

    No manners.

    Complaining about my choice my food.

    Complaining about the price.

    Answering his phone and/or text messages.

    Getting too drunk. Please know your limit.

  • -if the guy smells bad

    -if the guy makes me pay for everything (I don't mean that he should pay everything, but I'd be happy to pay a part, but not all on the first date)

    -if he pays no attention to me and a lot to other girls/ his phone/ something else

    -if we have nothing to talk about and there are a lot of awkward silences

    -being rude to waiters or people that just pass by. commenting on their fatness/ ugliness/ weird clothes or whatever

    -'pushing' too much and not taking no for an answer (when trying to go further I mean)

    -being overly romantic. (poems) (cheeeesy)

    -telling me about how he gets a lot of girls and girls that fancy him

  • dates that you might take girls on

    • Im guessing you have nothing better to do with your life except for fail troll on my old questions?

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    • Futile no? ._.

    • ... I have no clue what your atlking about

  • do you do anything besides sit on this website all day?


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