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One night while hanging out with my best friends, I meet a club security guy . He had a instant connection and he gave me his number. I totally forgot it so the next weekend we went out again and he kindly gave it to me again lol . The next day I texted him and we had a small chat . When will it be OK for me to contact him again because I like him so far ? Or should I wait for him to call me ? Today is Monday and we last talked on Saturday .


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  • Text him! Don't worry about those silly "wait 3.78 days" things. If you want to talk to him, initiate it. If you start realising that it's always you texting and he doesn't text/call you first at all, he's probably not interested. But I say text him now, and see where the conversation goes. If it flows naturally and whatnot, keep flowing!


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