Why do people look down on online dating?

What difference does it make when you will meet in person eventually anyway? Plus your chances of meeting someone compatible are much higher then if you were to go to a bar with a limited amount of people to choose from. I honestly don't think people should be knocking it especially since the divorce rate in America is at an all time high. Clearly, we're not doing something right. So why knock it?


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  • I think the reason why some people look down on online dating is because they have no mutual friends with the person online and the person could be false of who he or she actually is in reality. The fear that the person is not what you hoped for in the case of physical attraction can also be looked down upon sometimes.Usually looks can be decieving when it is just in a picture. I am not at all saying that online dating is bad or false, I think more people tend to use those sites to find common interests right off the bat and to know that other people on there are interested in dating. I think that there are pros and cons to dating sites. The pros can be, finding someone easier than going to a local bar and trying to find way to talk to a stranger, knowing common interests earlier, and just knowing that all people are looking for someone to date which narrows things down. The cons are pedophiles and criminals can be on dating sites and someone who is not who they really are in reality. There are good and bad expericances for dating the old fashion way and as well as online. :)


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