Another one of those is it just a hook up questions..

SO I was at my cousins birthday party Saturday night, and a guy who I no (like met a few times) adn I'm friends with his brother sat down next to me... we danced a little thatn he bought drinks and we danced some more we left and got some food adn I went up to my dorm (its all girls ) and he didn't have my number but he texted my cousin to tell me to come down but by the time she got it it was to late so I messaged him on Facebook today (Monday) and we were talking and this came up in conversation Him:do you do random hu often? Me:No

him:ever? ME: I have butim not a fan

Him:so then why do you? ME:bc I had gotten out of a 3 year relationship so I needed to just do it typa thing but that was like once ME:when did you breakup?!?! ME:bc he wasn't religious and he was really controlling and I wanted to b religious

HIM: oyyy haha, when was this? ,was I your first since him? lucky me ME: it ended for good last year, no you werent, you were 2nd

HIM: oooook ME: yaaa, but I'm assuming you do these random hu things often HIM: I mean, not as often as you think! ME: I mean listen we all got needs right haha

HIm: I rarely ever do like one time things,usually a couple times

and yes, true haha

DOes he just want a hook up or more ? He sounded interested in why I broke up and things and he doesn't really do the random thing... what doesthis mean? adn how do I be honest with him to tell him to b subtle about it and not to straight up


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  • id say tht could go either way depends how you act make him work for it next time

    • well how am I supposed to play it cool obviolsy let him come to me this time because I strtd this convo...

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  • I think seeing he was intrested in how you broke up with you ex that he might want more then just a hook up.