What should I do, I'm so confused!?

So there is this guy that I just recently started talking to and I can see myself liking him a lot! When I told my best friend who goes to school with him she told me she has heard he is a really big player and everything he is saying is just him playing me. I talked to him about it and he admitted he was but told me that he could actually see me and him being together. Do I give him a chance and act like she never told me that or should I be caution or just not even bother!?!?! :/ oh yeah and we are both 16 if that makes any difference on your answers


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  • well, he might be lying, but why not find out. if you like him, why don't you get to know him, you can't ignore what she said, you already brought it up with him, he knows you know.

    but you guys can move beyond it. you're 16. this is when you have time to meet -possible- a**holes& move on.