GUYS: When you like a girl, is it cute or intimidating if she has never been kissed?

I'm 16 and I've never been kissed, and the guy in question knows this. I want him to kiss me and can tell he does too, but whenever I feel like he's about to I get really nervous and redirect the conversation/flirting to something else.

Please help:( I know these are separate Q's but feel free to address anyone of them.


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  • It's incredibly cute.

    Also, some guys, such as myself, have always enjoyed teaching others. Since the age of 16 I've been (on and off) teaching kids how to play piano. It's so enjoyable when you see how much someone enjoys a newly found activity, such kissing, or playing the piano!

    As a 26 year old, you may not be interested in my perspective, but I'll give it anyway. Everything contributes to the large tapestry of... (blah blah blah)...

    Don't feel as though you need to force the situation. The cliche thing everyone says is that the first kiss is the sweetest, so let it come naturally. As a girl, you generally don't have a problem with guys wanting to kiss you! They're the ones with the testone, they have nearly 10x the amount than women do! So if you think you want to kiss, there are a lot more guys who do.

    Just relax and let it happen - if it doesn't happen don't worry, because it will, but if you feel it's the right moment, just ask "Kiss me?". Short and sweet =)

    • Thank you so much! Your perspective is actually great and giving me confidence. It's hopeful to know that some think it's "cute" and will be understanding. Any advice for nerves? :)

    • Nerves are great. No really! It's called adrenaline, and it heightens our senses and ability.

      Good news is, you get used to the nerves the more you get to know them. So, within reason, go ahead and put yourself in those awkward situations.

      Best way to deal with them is to breathe, in through the nose, out through the mouth, slowly and gently. You calm down a bit, and it'll communicate you're nervous better than words.

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  • Definitely not intimidating! I LOVE it when it's a girls first time doing anything with me, that makes me fall for her even more. If it's her first time getting kissed or having sex, I make it my responsibility to make it the most amazing first time for her that I can. Don't worry about it! The guy you're with should make you feel safe and excited for your first kiss. It is a bit nervous but just relax and enjoy the feelings and emotions because it's your first!

  • I'd find it really cute if you've never kissed anyone before :D

  • If you can tell he wants to kiss you, and you want him to kiss you... Why don't you just kiss him? Woman up. It's sexist to think that he should be the one to make the kiss simply because he's the guy. If you like a person you should ask them out, I don't care what gender you are... If you want to kiss a person, and you know they want that kiss as well, then kiss them. Don't make this more complicated than it really is.

    I'm not going to sit here and tell you what you wanna hear, but rather what I think you need to hear... or read...

    • Thanks, I'm not offended at all. I probably needed that over the "wait till he kisses you garb", I guess I'm just insecure I'll suck or miss or something haha...

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  • I don't think id tell the guy it was my 1st time

  • Hey so I realize you're question was for guys but I couldn't help answering.

    I'm turning 19 and I'm yet to be kissed :) Years older than you.

    It's not for lack of opportunity, its just that I've never met a guy I really really wanted to kiss.

    Plus most of the times after hanging out with them I realize we're never gonna go anywhere and it just kinda fizzes off and dies there.

    I guess I'm waiting for the right guy. Yeah I know, all this time and he's not yet been found.

    Funnily enough nobody else knows, except for my closest friends and now you.

    But now I've met the one guy I'd like to kiss and I'm sure the feeling is mutual.

    The only bummer is that we're classmates and we're yet to get through that.

    So don't worry that you've never kissed.\When you do just enjoy it.

    When you do get nervous though, just take a pause, try not to let him notice it, and see how it goes from there.

    • I'm exactly the same!

      like every single thing you've said.

      I've had the opportunity multiple times before, but have just never let it go that far.

      I've never liked a guy in a 'romantic enough' way to actually kiss him.

      every single one just fizzles out.

      I'm glad to see I'm not alone,

      let's hope there will be decent opportunities for us in the near future, ha ha :)

    • Have my fingers crossed for you :)

      Hope everything goes really great for you.

      Those opportunities are definitely there for us.

      I just want my perfect guy to be my first kiss.

      And when you find a guy and you still like him like him after a while

      ... and see how it goes.

      Yay someone else like me :) High-five.