Text Messages From A Stalker?

Have you ever received multiple text messages from an ex or a past date that drove you nuts? Have you seen that one i-phone text convo from a girl to a guy that is relentless? It's hilarious:


Ever had anything like this? LOL.


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  • Yes, I had a text stalker. Thankfully he did not know where I lived. We went on one date, he kept making jokes about me during the date and was obviously nervous and insecure. We hugged at the end, that is all, and did not talk again. A few weeks after that he started trying to send me pictures via text and for some reason they were not coming through but then I pretty quickly realized what he was trying to send, pics of his junk.

    I tried telling him that women don't go for that, please don't send them and I kept saying I couldn't open the pics even at the point they finally were coming through fine. Nothing stopped this guy. He obviously had problems. I tried to find a way to block him but ended up ignoring him. It definitely died down but it has been probably 3 years now and he tried to send me a text the other day. HORRIBLE! :)


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  • Wow that is super creepy! Is this you by the way? It's funny how many times you sent a message and never got a response lol

  • The funniest thing about it, is the person receiving the messages doesn't know how to block a number on their phone and move on with life. Then they pathetically posted it on the internet for others to see. Really sad.