Well I messaged the guy and he has not replied yet, could this be a bad sign ?

I messaged the guy saying why I have not directly made an effort to talk to him. He has not replied to me. I have no idea why that is :( could this be a sign he is not interested or should I wait a little longer as it has been nine hrs :/ I feel really stupid. As if I shouldn't of bothered. At the time I thought better to try then not. Now I feel pretty pathetic.


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  • Not necessarily. Maybe he has not had the time yet. He has his own schedule, just like you have your own schedule. Give him some time.

    • Yeah maybe your right. He's a uni student. So I think he's a busy guy.

  • What did you say in the message?

    • That I know I have not made much effort to talk to him. After him approaching me... I'm just shy , how is evrything going for you. Nothing crazy lol.

    • So you asked him how things are going for him? If you asked him that (a direct question) and he doesn't respond then either he never saw the message or he isn't interested. If he never saw it then you might want to try again in a few days(at least 3 days). How did you send the message? Facebook, text on phone, some online messenger like AIM?

    • Yeah I asked tht. An yeah I think he hasn't saw it yet. As I messgd him on our uni IM page. I wudnt mssg agen if he dnt reply will jst leave it. Least I knw then. Thanks btw...

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