Why does this guy do this?

He'll text me like once out of the week and we exchange a few text messages and then he'll just stop replying all of a sudden. I won't hear from him in days and then like clock work he'll text me again the following week all to start the cycle over again. He showed signs that he liked me but now I'm not so sure. I would text him a lot but then stopped as I felt that I was being too available...etc. Now I'm just giving him room to contact me. But he's not being very proactive.

I thought guys who likes a girl will contact them almost everyday. Does it sound like he likes me?


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  • If he liked you then he would contact you more than that. I think he may have liked you but now not as strongly so he just wants to keep in touch to see how you're doing.

    • I don't know I think its more of he prob just wants to get in my pants and that's it. We both like to draw right? Well...when you meet someone that shares the same interest with you and you two click wouldn't you want to share what you've done and talk about the subject with your friend? He doesn't do any of that. I've showed him some of my drawings and everything but he's yet to show me his and every time he talks to me he always talks about my appearance or my body so to speak.

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  • Sounds like he wants you thinking about him. This is a classic player tactic so be careful. Do you ever see him out in public, or does he just text?

    • No just text. The funny thing is too he has yet to ask me out. I mean I even left room open for him to literally ASK ME OUT. I asked him if he would like to be workout buddies cause I have been trying to get back in shape. But come to find out we both have gym memberships to different gyms. He never offered to do something else other than work out though. Ya know?

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    • BTW keep in mind workout clothes are really tight and show off your figure a little too well if you catch my drift. It does sound like he's a perv

    • Yeah, but at this point I don't want to be too forward. I've had to be the one to go out on a ledge and ask guys out. And well, it always ended up with things not ending well. So I figured I'd just kind of sit back and let the guy take the lead and ask me out on their own. But I am seeing that he totally doesn't want date me. Other wise he'd have asked me out by now. We've been talking for weeks and he still hasn't asked me out on a date. Time to move on. lol