If a girl texted you this

"I thought I saw you today, but it was just a man who looked like you. I have to admit, I was disappinted."

What would you think it meant? What would your thoughts be? How would you feel?

I texted this to a man I know, and he never replied back. When I saw him, he acted casual and he never talked about it (but that's probably because we weren't alone). I didn't have a chance to talk to him alone yet.


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  • I would assume she liked me, wanted to see me, was disappointed that it wasn't me because she wanted to see me.

    How I would feel about it...


    I probably wouldn't reply either. What for?

    My feelings would depend a lot on the girl, and what I already thought about her (if anything).

    If I didn't know her, I'd feel nothing.

    If I knew her casually, I'd feel nothing, but start to assess her as a potential date.

    If she was a friend, I'd feel good about it, but wouldn't think anything beyond that.

    If she was a crush, I'd decide that was a good enough sign to ask her out.

    • Thanks. But why wouldn't you reply?

    • Because there's no reason to.

    • Thanks a lot!

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  • It would definitely make me think she likes me. If I liked her back I would probably reply with something quick and flirty like "It probably was, you should have come up and said hi".

    If I didn't like her, I would probably not respond. But it depends on the guy I guess.

  • My mind would be racing if a girl wrote that to me. I would think that, "Damn, she was happy that she saw me, but when it wasn't me she was disappointed." Make me feel good inside.

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    • Tell you the truth, I wouldn't know what to text back after seeing that lol.

    • Okay, I'll take your word for it. Thanks!

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