Would you consider this an awkward/unattractive conversation?

so my boyfriend of 5 months called me today like he usually does on his way home from work, while I was in the shower, called him back 30 minutes later and didn't answer. so I saw he was online and we chatted for a little bit. and it just seemed kinda awkward.

me- sowwy I was in da showa :p

him- its k

me- I swam today

him- coooooooooooooool

me- mmhmmmm twas a beasttt

him- yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

me- yaaaaaaaaaa..

him- yay!


him- ;)

me- how was work?






me-mmm to party or not to party... free pitchers orrrrrrrr pass out sleep. I'm gonna die

him-or you can live!

me-maybe! my friends are talking about WALKING there and back, uhhh no


dew iiiiiiiiiiit

me-yeah, "UCF student peeled off of alafaya due to drunken quest back to campus" cooool

him- :((

me- eexaclty

i dunno, I just notice when he calls me, he's more energetic and we have a good conversations, but when I call him. it only lasts for like 5 minutes and it's so awkward. what do you think?


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  • Maybe you catch him at bad moments when he's tired and there's not much to talk about.


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