I don't have a date for prom?

So my friends were talking about prom and they already have everything planned out. There going with our guy friends and one couple is bf/gf. Problem is, in our group of friends there's more girls then guys, and a lot of the girls have stronger relationships with the guys then me because I'm more shy and just don't care about impressing like they do. So my 'friend' was telling me how I needed to get a date for prom. I was going to go with my one guy friend but the girl he actually liked asked him instead :( so now I'm left without a date. Honestly I didn't care before, I told them I didn't need a date and could go without one. But they made me feel so bad about myself ( I don't know if they meant to) that now I'm kinda upset about not having one, I've never been that needy girl like my friends but I just don't get it. They all have dates and I don't, do guys like clingy needy girls? am I missing something?! I know they'll exclude me from the group like the did for semi-formal cause I didn't have a date for that like my close friends did. And even if they don't, the picture part will be so awkward! I don't know what to do. Is there something wrong with me? I mean I don't think I'm ugly because I get told I'm pretty a lot so I just don't get it? what is it? any advice on what to do? sorry about the long paragraph.
I don't have a date for prom?
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