I like him, and apparently he likes me?

My best friends boyfriend said his friend likes me but is nervous around girls he likes, so asked me to talk to him. I did and we got along well. It was at a party so we got a bit drunk and kissed and he was like 'you're so gorgeous, you seem so nice' we've spoken on and off since then and he always seems happy to talk to me, flirts etc. I have to text him though. My best friends boyfriend says he is like that with everyone, just his character I guess

recently there's a girl on fb who comments on his status all the time with loads of hearts etc. I talk to other guys apart from him so I'm not annoyed, we aren't together after all. my question is should I still text/flirt with him even if another girl is?


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  • I don't see why not, unless of course, he seems to be reciprocating a lot towards this other girl. If he is clearly paying this other girl a lot of extra attention, and showing more interest in her, then you should just move on. But if its one sided and this girl just keeps posting on his FB and stuff without much of a returned interest on his part, then its fair game.


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