Ladies, you fart in your date's car while on the first date

You just did Yoga before your date. It was digestion improving Yoga postures that reduce bloating and release trapped gas. You can already feel your stomach being more flexible.

After taking a nice shower you get ready, your Prince Charming shows up on time, with a rose and a Andes Minted Chocolate box, because you mentioned you love those one time. How thoughtful, he remembers. Yummy.

You are psyched, ready to go. Your date drives an Infiniti M35. He rocks a Movado and has the latest I-Phone. His cologne turns your mind to mush and he won't tell you what the scent is. He is freaking perfect.

You get into the plush leather passenger seat. He puts on some chill Cafe Del Mar music. Sirius Satellite ready. You can sense he's looking deeply in your eyes despite the Prada sunglasses.

You smile back, your heart pounds...and your stomach is well...bubbly. Oh no, you think, you predict a fart, but you hold it in nonetheless. It's okay you think, the bowling alley is the spot you can release it and apply make up well texting your girlfriend about how effen perfect he is.

He's a funny guy. He cracks a joke, and you can't help but laugh, yes, yes indeed you laugh. Oh no.

The laughter causes you to pass a loud fire-cracker-esque fart. You cheeks turn beet red. The fart disturbs the chill Cafe Del Mar music and the smell of leather gets replaced by refried beans (because you couldn't help grab a burrito from Chipotle after Yoga)

How should the guy react?

  • He should roll down the windows and just continue on like nothing happened. Small things like that shouldn't affect attraction.
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  • He should call you out on it and the tease you about it, causing you to laugh because its not insulting, just good humor. He pulls your leg but in a way that lets you save face.
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  • He should breathe in deeply and tell you that your farts are pleasing to him. Because you are a "Princess and a Goddess."
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  • He should blame it on himself. As if he was the one that ripped ass. Because he will do "anything for you, even catch a grenade for you."
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  • He should call you out on it and tell you that it smells bad to help boast his ego because he is a "Man and the Leader."
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Movado. Seriously?

    • What were you imagining a Rolex Submariner paired with Andes dinner mints? =D

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    • If you're rocking a 40K watch I don't think you bring 5 cent mints. =)

    • Lulz. I was not familiar with tha particular delicacy.

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What Girls Said 2

  • I saw what you did there with option d, haha. I'm a bit tore between option a, and b. So, I'll go with both.

  • I think a and b would be the best option. xD


What Guys Said 4

  • He should breathe in deeply and tell you that your farts are pleasing to him. Because you are a "Princess and a Goddess."

  • Man you are the hardest working troll in town... You deserve the golden bridge award... =P

  • I bet so. I mean, how else should he be reminded of her? :D :P

  • i would not care if she did.. make for her being comfortable with you.