What should I do prom night to get my mind off of it.

Prom is coming up soon and I won't be going (non voluntary) so any ideas to still have fun and not catch any depressing blues.

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  • Why aren't you going?

    • *sigh* my mom told me I can't

    • I'm sorry :/

      I'd say, treat yourself to something nice. Take yourself to dinner and a pedicure or something like that.

    • :) thank you

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  • i say swallow your pride and ask a guy if he would like to go...be a shame to regret not going for the rest of your life

    • Well it's only junior prom but for so long I thought I was...now..it's poof you're not

    • well then its not really a big deal, but still my answer stands

  • If you have any other friends that aren't going, go to a movie or a restaurant. Anything you can do to have fun that you'd eventually enjoy more than prom.

  • Honestly Prom is way to Overrated and hyped up, the only reason why people go is because their only suppose to have one(mainly guys). I simply went for that reason alone, it was nothing spectacular or magical.

  • Watch a movie, and by movie I don't mean Titanic. I'm talking about Austin Powers or something like that.

  • Have you tried going to another neighborhood and lighting bags of poop on fire, ringing the doorbell then running away?

    If not, I think we've just found someone that is going to have a fun night missing prom.


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