Dating and cereal. What cereal are you?

So last night I got into a discussion with a friend about relationships and I told her that dating and looking for the right person is a lot like buying crappy cereal hoping for a free toy inside. You have to eat a lot of crap before you finally find out whether or not the surprise inside was worth it, and after all the crap you've eaten trying to get to it, it just doesn't seem like it is.

Moral of the story? Don't buy crappy cereal hoping for a surprise inside, just buy good cereal.

We then started talking about what cereals we were like. She said her ex boyfriend was like Lucky Charms: crappy cereal masked by just enough little bits of sweetness mixed in to keep you coming back for more, until you finally realize that underneath the marshmallows its still just crappy cereal.

Me I'm like Honey Nut Cheerios: I'm good but not at the top of everybody's favorites list but you know what to expect soon as you open the box, and you know I'll treat you right and I won't disappoint either, even if I'm not as exciting as other cereals.

So, what cereal are you like? And explain why.


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  • Haha, interesting topic.

    I'm not really familiar with American cereals (and their extraordinarily high sugar content!), but my boyfriend might be like those shredded wheat ones with fruity centers. One you might overlook, because they're a little rough on the outside, but once you give them a try, absolutely sweet and tasty on the inside. Not everyone's favourite, maybe, but I like them a lot. :D

    I couldn't attempt to describe myself as a cereal...


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  • I feel like I would be Froot Loops. I don't know why. They're kind of like Cheerios, except they're more colorful and have sugar. . .off-beat and sweet? They're also in touch with their inner-child.

    And the fact that the name is spelled wrong has to play a role--I'm neurotic about spelling and grammar.

    By the way, I think a lot of toddlers would argue that Cheerios are at the top of their list :P

  • my ex is liike trix, fun and colorful and exciting... untill you're halfway through the bowl, then it gets old

    my new boyfriend is like rice chex, normal and dependable, and its not sugar coated.

  • lol you always get a crappy suprise in crappy cereal.

    I'm like those weetabix with bits of chocolate in them-sweet and good for ya :)

  • I'm probably more like Honey Bunches of Oats. I'm a combination of a variety of different things. (:

  • Wow. Interesting question.

    I would say that I'm like Fruity Pebbles. Haha. I'm sweet and a little immature, but I leave your life a little more colorful. :-)


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