Should I tell her?

Ok long story short, My best guy friend (lets call him Rob) and I made out three times and he asked me not to tell anyone about it I said OK and he did too.

Well recently my friend (female this time) found out that I kissed someone (she doesn't know what kind of kiss) but she doesn't know who or any of the details. But recently she's been bugging me to tell her,but I don't want to break the promise I made to Rob. So what should I do? Should I tell her or keep it a secret?


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  • If you both agreed not to tell anyone, you keep your end of the promise. Have some character and honor! God knows, as a guy, he's already run out and told every one of his friends. But hey, that's not what matters! You keep your end of the bargain.

    • I think I will and he better not have

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    • Exactly! Sibling intimacy for the win hahaha. I just grossed myself out :)

    • haha OK then

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  • Keep it a secret. You can't guarantee that she won't tell others.

    • yeah I don't think I will because she's not too good with secrets and she knows him and I don't want her to think differently of him

    • Anyway both of you have promised to keep it a secret, just stick to it.

    • yeah I'm not going to tell her I'm going to keep my promise, its just that she was pressuring me to