I've never been asked out, is that weird?

Okay maybe not weird, but do you think it's the way I look?

I'm about 5'2/5'1, tan skin (biracial), athletic, big butt (guys words), cute,

But some of my friends think I can be pretty intimidating sometimes, do you think it's because of that or something else? I mean guys are scared of me :) but only when I'm mad at them.

I just want to know if its the way I look, or act. What other things do you think it could be?


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  • looks can make guys scared in asking you out. I can't approach good looking girls. I think girls are relying on too much on guys approaching, I see and hear that girls complaining guys never approaching them, but now guys are sick of the approaching and doing the chasing. but cause we always get rejected. I think girls should be do some approaching sometimes.

    i am not having go at you, don't take I said to you the wrong way. I think its coming to the point guys are getting sick of approaching all the time. and girls are going to realize what's happening here.

    "You ever play a video game that was so incredibly difficult that after 15 or 20 tries you just inevitably gave up? Well, it's like that. After trying and trying and trying, and inevitably getting nowhere, you realize that it's not worth the effort to play the game any more, you turn off the Nintendo and you go outside and play."

    And I think this analogy hits it right on the head.

    No ladies, we don't like trying, infinitely and futilely to save the princess. And if it's too difficult we will turn off the video game and find something else to do. You've effectively made the game not worth playing and no amount of "points" or prospects of "conquering the game" will supersede the opportunity costs of doing something else.

    Another aspect you must realize is how the patience for games precipitously drops with age.

    • however your still young, you will get asked, the statement I have above is to make you think. making guys chase you in the future. don't worry about it. plenty of guys will chase you. it will be confident ones that will do it. maybe your just make them intimated with your looks. and guys are shy to ask you out. guys can be just as shy as girls.

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    • no problem, good luck with it. your still young. don't worry about the guys going for just yet. you plenty of time for that.

    • Okay, and thanks again;.

  • " I mean guys are scared of me :) " I think that says it all. in my opinion following that statement up with a smiley hints at some pretty twisted ideals

    • But what I'm saying is they aren't most of the time, only if they know they've done something that pisses me off, And most just brush it off, and don't take anything I say seriously

    • ok well here's a little nugget of information on guys: we don't want to be with anyone who we are gunna have to fear at any point. also I have no way to knowing what you look like. you could be ugly as hell, but I feel like you know if that was the case adn wouldn't be asking this question. therefore I can pretty confidently say that its because of how you act

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