How to pick between 2 girls?

So about a year ago I use to be big into long distance relationships then I stopped but still have ex gfs who talk to me & 2 of them are still convinced they want to be with me after they graduate one wants to move here the other wants me to move halfway between her house & mine...there both sweet cute & don't give up on me & I feel bad to pick between them both Because they both need me in there own I pick between the 2 or find someone else closer to me & tell them both I found someone & hurt them both?


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  • If you can't pick between the two of them, then you don't like either one of them enough to date them. You just like the attention, who wouldn't. Be careful not to lead them on though. Keep the lines of communication clear and find a girl you like more.

    • but ill feel bad if I just pick another girl & leave them both heart broken

    • It's not any better to pick one out of pity when you clearly don't like her that much if you can't pick between her and another girl lol I know you enjoy the attention and you may be thinking it'd be better to pick one of them rather than try to find someone new, but I think you're going to break their hearts anyway if you don't.

    • Yeah true your right it's more that I feel bad then the attention tho

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