Why would a guy suggest hanging out but never go through with it?

A guy at work seems interested in me..Here's why I think he is..He will look at me, smile at me, make faces, stand near me, try to talk to me, he listens to what I say, he blushes a little when I laugh at something he says or does, he will go places because I am going, he's very out going and yet seems shy around me...Thing is he won't ask me out..He will suggest, hint, agree, say he will go to lunch or movie, tell me I should come out some weekend, but never give a date or time..I agree too, and I gave him signs of interest back and I even told him I was interested. We text casually and we see each other at work a few times a week. I really like him...Why is he being vague and hesitant..Is that his way to asking, should I wait for him now? Explain guys :) thanks!


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  • because he is stupid. we are. we like definate proof that you would like to go out with us. some of us have self doubt and are afraid to ruin the relationship. tell him he is going to miss his chance if he doesn't ask you out soon. that will light a fire under his ass.

    • I gave him proof, I asked him to a movie and he said yea we can hit up a matinee one of these afternoons...ok so what afternoon? he does it all the time..

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