Awkward night led to lame text?

So I was dating/seeing this guy. The night before I stayed at his place...and we did the deed and it was awkward and I got slightly upset about the progression of our dating. I was going to leave him alone.--He is rather insensitive and unemotional. The next morning when I left for work, I said bye and did not hear from him till 9 in the evening. I fell asleep early from all the long nights and when I saw the text this morning it said "hi hi hi" How do I respond to that? I thought he would mention something about how awkward it was?


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  • A guy wouldn't feel the need to talk about how awkward it was.

    There would be no point to that.


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  • Why on Earth would he want to bring up the awkwardness? I mean he knows you were there!

    I would try to put it behind and find a good way forward if anything, if I were either of you.


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  • Bringing up an awkward situation only brings back the awkwardness, if not amplifying it. What's done is done, let it slip away into the past.