When you kiss how much tongue do you use?

I always feel awkward when a guy puts his tongue in my mouth and like "swirls" it... I don't know what to do, and I don't think I've ever reciprocated in that way with my tongue in their mouth. Obviously I do like SOME tongue, but I just feel like doing that is weird. Does everybody kiss that way except for me?


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  • No, I like it gently and slowly. My first kiss with tongue was with a guy plowing his tongue into my mouth like crazy. Scared me for life. You just have to talk about that stuff, eventually after a few dates?

    • It wasn't even my first one.. lol. I'm 22, have had different boyfriends that I've dated for years.. but, I just never let that happen? I've been seeing a new guy for a month, and he did that last night, and I just feel like it's so strange! It's someone I'm sleeping with too.. so it's not a fact that it's too intimate or anything.. I just think it's weird... and I don't want him to think that I am weird! lol

  • I don't use my tongue either. I don't mind him doing it to me but Not Too Much. I like the occassional slip of the tongue. I find that more sexier. If he were to use it the whole time we were kissing, I would probably get distracted and turned off, So it's not just you Lol.