Is this a normal behavior for a guy?

I got to know a guy via Facebook who is the best friend of my friend's boyfriend and at first we wrote on Facebook and now it is texting.

He is a semi-professional soccer player and looks really good but is somehow a nice guy too and he is apparently really impressed by me studying law...

well anyways once we talked about 3 hours on the phone and we are texting every day but he is always the one starting the conversation and texting me about 40 times at least a day!

When I take my time to answer he sends me a text why it takes me so long and I mean I do like him but is that behavior normal?

We have a date on Tuesday but still before that we have never seen each other except for pictures so it is not really possible that he is in love with me or something...


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  • No he's not in love...

    He's just giddy, that's what guys do when they're trying to scope out whether you're paying attention to them or other people.

    It's the same concept with phone calls.

    When you call someone and then talk to others around you whilst still on the phone.

    It's a big turnoff.

    I wouldn't even go so far as to call him needy for that.

    But if it continues to happen after the fact, you'll have to nail it into his brain that you have things to do and you can't watch your phone every 5 seconds.

    Your date should go fine, no worries.


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  • Don't be surprised if he defers to you for everything. He sounds like a "nice" guy. Needy, eager to please, tries to avoid being the focus.

    It'll likely get annoying after a while, though it sounds like he already is with the texting.

    Just tell him what you think of the situation. You can't go wrong with the truth and in the worst case it'll save you time.

  • seems a bit odd but harmless to me, if it doesn't bother you just go with it. why all the focus on what you guys do or will do for a living anyway?


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