I like a girl and a guy , read my description and tell me what I should do D:

I like this girl a hell of a lot and I think she knows. She said she likes me back but sometimes she shows no interest in me at all. I also like this guy he's sweet and he puts a smile on my face and he said he's interested.. But I like the girl a little more than I like him.. What should I do about it? :/


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  • ask the girl out. There's nothing to think about here.

    • It's not as easy as that. :/

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    • I think you have a point there. I'm a self conscious girl who f***s up most of the time , that's why I'm scared to do anything :/ I think I'd be better off sticking with the guy 'cause I don't have to try . we're working together to see if we can work out :P

    • I think you should go for what you want. Make the effort. All you have to do is ask. All the best

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