Was it a one time thing or are we a couple?

On Thursday night I want with some friends to hung out at this place that a lot of teenagers go there.. We met some guys and they joined us.. At some point of the night one of them kissed me, so we made out for a while.. After words when we wanted to go back to everybody he hold my hand.. At the rest of the night (all of us stayed up all night) we made out some more tines and he hold my hand and blah blah blah then in the morning the girls took a bus back to our city and the guys toke a bus back to their city.. I don't want him as a boyfriend but I'm not sure what's going on cause when I talked to him on Facebook it was really weird.. What do you think?


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  • So far it's been a one time thing.

    What was weird about your talk on Facebook ? If it was "weird" in the "I'm not interested in dating you", then it probably was just a one time thing.

    • Well the conversation on Facebook was more like it was a one time thing bu if it was a one time thing so why do you think he kept holding my hand?

    • Just because that's the kind of things one would do. And there's the context, party time, no constraint, no worry. And then back to real, every day life. Just don't be sad, consider it as a good evening and maybe something will come later. Or not, but still a nice evening :)

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