Is possible to be in love with someone you dated twice before? But it didn't work out.

So here the story, I am a RPer on Facebook, I have been for nearly " years now. But last year I started to RPing with a girl and we really clicked we have tried dating twice before but it didn't work out.

But last night she brought it up and I said "We have been down this road twice, and I don't think either of us want that again" then I was I giggled (We were on Skype) and she started acted differently than normal.

Even if she living in another Country? I mean only ever spoken over Skype or BBM


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  • Ofcourse it's possible as long as there is no solid reason of incompatibility. I'll explain. :)

    In many cases, harsh circumstances or even bad luck stand against your will to be with someone you love. So, you decide to set yourself apart and go in different paths in life. But, when they appear once more in your life, you start reminiscing and reviving that love spark again. The love is still there in your heart no matter what circumstances you've been through.

    IF there is a legit reason for not being together i.e. bad treatment, abuse, incompatibility, no physical or mental attraction, etc...then it isn't possible to re-love that person. :)

    • @update: this doesn't matter at all. You either feel compatible and in love or you don't. Distance isn't an important factor.

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