Big date please help

Im a little chubby but I hold all my chubb in my thighs/butt and arms but its a combo of chubbiness and thickness .

I do have medium/big boobs but my waist is small and I only have a little belly . I'm also short . I wanna look good on this date , I know that being chubby is unattractive but I'm ttrying to work around it here .

Can someoene tell me what to wear to emphasize my good parts, what to do , how to act , this my first date ever .

Also him being 5'9 and me 5'0 ,does that mean because of how tall he is , he won't notice my big thighs ? like because he is looking down lol , I'm so nervous

im almost 18

he is almost 21

We used to be neighbours when I was 10 , but he moved , we've been chatting lately , he likes my personality , but he hasn't seen me since I was 10 , seen pics of my face only , he's moving back here and asked me out online .


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  • I like chubby girls, (so you'll have to excuse my bias) the size of the frame doesn't matter to me as long as there's a beautiful painting inside it. And do you know for a fact that his taste is exclusively in skinnier girls? If you know he likes your face and personality then that should be plenty.

    Basically I'm saying you're worrying too much, he already likes you and you won't know what he'll think of your looks unless you ask. Dress the way you think looks best and try to focus more on just relaxing and having fun.

    • No I don't know that he's into skinny girls for a fact , but I know most guys are so that's why I'm worried . My face isn't chubby at all , so it might be misleading . All I've heard is that his past girlfriends have all big boobs , so obviously that is his taste , I have that but I'm unsure about the rest of me lol

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  • Has he seen pictures of you before?

    • I used to know him when I was 10 but he moved . we started chatting on the internet about a month ago and he asked me out , he is coming back this week , he's moving back.

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