How do I do, Girls can tell me.

I'm a big boy, but I don't have a girlfriend.I don't know how to make a girl happy.I am also not going to attract the attention of a girl.My English is not very good!What should I do, to find a girlfriend.What a good girl you can help me.I will be very thank you.


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  • What ethnicity are you? well you speak English won't really matter when your trying to find a girlfriend, as long as you know the basic's.

    Do you know how to be nice/polite and know how to make people laugh? then there your setteld girls don't need some sort of speical handling to make us happy. just be nice and be your self. the right girl will be attracted to you from those to reasons, the rest will come easily.

    If you really want to find a girlfriend just get involed wiht more things. Be more social and get involved in activites and such, maybe and singles group? lol.

    btw, are you trying to say I will be very happy? or just thank you? :p

    • I'm a Chinese boy.I was polite.However, many Chinese girls think I'm a rebellious boy.Your suggestion is very good.I would like to say, I will be very happy.I will say, thank you very much.I have prepared well, be a good boyfriend.Now, I'm going to find a girlfriend.Wish me good luck.Frankly said, I don't know where she is.But I think God will let her appear in front of me tomorrow.Haha.

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  • Get involved in more things


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